3 Tips for Marketing During Halloween

Spooktacular Tips and Tricks

Spooky season is quickly approaching, witch means there are tons of opportunities for creative marketing! With so many fun options for Halloween marketing, its no wonder that some businesses feel overwhelmed by the idea and end up missing out altogether. Before you get too spooked, take a deep breath and read this article! We’ve come up with 3 tips for marketing during Halloween that are simply faboolous.

Create Halloween Themed Promotions

Promotions are always a great marketing strategy, but themed promotions are even better! Creating a unique user experience will go a long way in building engagement and sales. You might want to consider an interactive promotion where users can find discounts in a creative way. Popular jeweler Kendra Scott does a great job of this! In the past, they hid pumpkins throughout their website that revealed store discounts when they were clicked! How fun is that?! This spooky season, try to think outside the box for your next big promotion.

Utilize Halloween Lingo

People love a good play on words. When done right, a funny pun can help separate you from the competition. In fact, Forbes has said that some of today’s marketing challenges can be solved with humor. Regardless of your industry, there are ways to incorporate some fun Halloween lingo into your content. Try to use phrases like:

• Fangtastic
• No Tricks, Only Treats
• Scary Good
• Wicked Cool
• Don’t be a Halloweenie
• Ghouls Night Out

Of course, you can get even more creative with industry-specific puns. For example, a bakery owner might want to change “blueberry” to “boo-berry”. Another good example would be an IT company using the phrase “Be careful! Our vampires byte!”. As you can see, there are lots of ways to utilize Halloween language in your marketing tactics. Bonus tip, add in some relevant Halloween emojis here and there to really spice things up!

Make a Spooky Video

By now, we know that video is one of the most engaging marketing tactics we can use. Now more than ever before, people are pulled in by visual content. Halloween offers you the perfect opportunity to create themed videos that promote your product and captivate your audience! LG did this perfectly a few years back. In order to show how realistic their displayed images could be, they installed nine monitors and a hidden camera into an elevator. The monitors were set to play a video of an elevator floor breaking whenever someone walked in. Imagine how horrifying that must have been! It all paid off though, because the video went viral! This is a great example of a spooky video making all the difference in driving sales and boosting engagement.

We hope you’ve found some marketing inspiration from these 3 tips! We know that creating new campaigns can feel overwhelming at times, which is why we’re here to help! At Point of Action Marketing, we believe that marketing isn’t just about brand recognition and traffic generation. It’s really about creating and optimizing the user journey through conversion. Start your journey with Point of Action today by filling out our online contact form! Until then, bugs and hisses!