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Analytics & Data Analysis

Data Driven Decisions

Don't Assume What Works. Use Data to Drive Your Website & Marketing Strategy

There is a wealth of information to have at your finger tips if you have the right measurement strategy in place.  Analytics & Data Analysis will help streamline decision making and keep your marketing budget inline.  With all our marketing services, we include an initial measurement strategy audit and setup tracking of necessary KPI’s to ensure marketing efforts are producing the results desired.

Marketing & Website Analytics & Data Analysis Process & Strategy

Data Drives Website & Marketing Success

Analytics Setup & Optimization

We create measurement strategies from scratch, but also audit existing data capture to ensure clean data is being collected so that you can properly track success and also identify additional opportunities.

UX Data Setup

User Experience (UX) data typically requires additional tools and configuration in order to get further insight beyond user click data. We recommend platforms and assist with configuration based on defined goals.

Data Analysis

Keyword strategy and targeting is critical to the success of a campaign. It is important to find the right balance for volume, competition and cost to drive the correct visibility and traffic to the website. This information shifts so ongoing monitoring and adjustment is key to a successful program.

Dashboard Creation

Dashboards can help streamline the massive amounts of data in a more digestible format so that your team can make easier decisions. We help with setup and configuration based on the key performance indications that are defined.

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