Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimization Services

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Building Long Term Success with SEO

With consistent effort and the right knowledge, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an incredibly valuable, long-term marketing strategy that you can use to drive leads and sales. At Point of Action Marketing, we understand how important SEO can be for your business, and we strive to ensure that all our work meets the highest standards both in terms of SEO optimization and providing user friendly content. We also utilize best practices with a technical SEO framework in order to keep our services up-to-date and relevant. With our help, you’ll be able to take advantage of everything that SEO has to offer – so start today and get the most out of your online presence!

SEO Strategy & Process

Building SEO Success

Organic Keyword Research & Implementation

If you’re ready to take your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts to the next level, identifying the most relevant keywords for your industry and targeting them effectively is crucial. That’s where our expert team comes in. We offer a comprehensive keyword analysis, starting with identifying your current rankings and highlighting opportunities for improvement. From there, we perform a gap analysis to determine which keywords your business should be ranking for based on your competitors and industry trends. With this information in hand, we work closely with you to make strategic content changes that will help increase your website’s visibility and improve your rankings for the keywords that matter most.  This builds a strong foundation for your SEO and SEM success.

Technical SEO Framework

When it comes to establishing and implementing an SEO strategy, technical SEO framework is paramount and should never be neglected. It serves as the backbone to any successful SEO campaign by allowing for a strong foundation for your content. Our team makes a point to thoroughly evaluate and analyze all elements related to technical SEO, including XML Sitemap, Robots.txt, Mobile Usability, Page Speed, and Canonical Tags, among others. We know the importance of these elements and how they can make or break the success of your website. Additionally, we set up all necessary tools for our clients so that they can access SEO data easily and measure improvements as they happen. At our core, we believe that a well-crafted technical SEO framework can be the difference between a mediocre website and one that consistently outperforms its competition.

Local Visibility

At our agency, we take a comprehensive approach to local listings optimization. We understand the importance of being found by potential customers within your local area and strive to ensure that your business is prominently displayed in relevant search results. From identifying key listing opportunities to crafting engaging campaigns, we work tirelessly to provide your audience with the most up-to-date and accurate information. Our team of experts continuously monitor and analyze performance data to provide continuous optimization and drive maximum results for your business. Trust us to help you make a lasting impression on your target market in your local area.

Content Strategy

Having both quality on-page content and associated meta data is paramount to standing out in the ever-growing sea of online content. Not only do these pieces make your site more search engine-friendly, but they also can have a major impact on click through rates, which is all about driving awareness. That’s why the first step is to nail down the keyword research strategy to ensure the content is targeting your desired audience. But creating effective and engaging content is an ongoing process, and it’s all about consistency, relevance, and quality. By leveraging these tips and tactics, we will be well on our way to creating content that truly resonates with your audience, enhances your brand reputation and ultimately, drives conversions.

SEO Site Scans

Our digital marketing agency conducts thorough website scans and search engine optimization audits to pinpoint areas of opportunity for improving your SEO performance. Once we’ve identified these areas, we prioritize them based on their potential impact and level of effort required, and provide effective solutions to address them. However, it’s important to note that search engine optimization is an ongoing process that requires regular oversight and maintenance. As search engine rankings and competition are constantly evolving, your SEO strategy needs to adapt accordingly. To ensure your website remains healthy and optimized, we recommend performing these scans on a weekly basis, and we’re here to provide the ongoing support you need. So, you can trust us to help you stay ahead of the competition and achieve long-term SEO success.

Link Building

As a digital marketing agency, we understand that creating a seamless user journey and maximizing search engine crawability are essential for the success of any online business. That’s why we prioritize internal linking on your website to guide visitors and search engine crawlers to relevant and valuable content. And to widen your reach and attract a new audience, we also focus on 3rd party link building. Our team thoroughly researches and identifies reputable websites in your niche, then reaches out to them to establish partnerships and links that boost your visibility and credibility. By combining both internal and 3rd party link building strategies, we aim to help you achieve your digital marketing goals and grow your business.

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