Email Marketing & Automation Services

Email Marketing & Automation Services

Stay In Touch with Customers

Email Can Warm Up Leads and Build Customer Loyalty

Email campaigns are a key communication tool not just for one off blasts, but to drive automated conversations which can lower internal staffing needs. Add email marketing & automation services to your marketing strategy today!

Strategy & Process

Website Success

Campaign Ideation

We create email marketing roadmaps by creating campaigns that represent the brand strategy and overall email marketing goals. Email Marketing & Automation Services is all inclusive from campaign ideation, content development, design and reporting.

Email Automation

Email automation has a great ROI as it requires very little maintenance once it is setup. Automation can be in many forms such as a Welcome Series, Thank You Submissions Series, Abandoned Carts, etc. Automation is critical for email success as it tends to have a higher engagement rate than any other email marketing tactics.

Platform Setup & Data

We assist with making a tool set recommendation based on your email marketing goals (such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Active Campaign, etc.), setup of the tool & can help with auditing existing email strategy performance.

Email Design

Some clients just require the assistance of getting some initial email designs completed that their team can then follow. We can help setup email designs that represent the brand and are optimized for click and open rates.

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