5 Tips On How to Improve Your Instagram Business Page

Driving Social Media Success!

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks available today. With over 1 billion active users, the site has become a great place for personal and professional relationships to form. While your business may already use Instagram as a social media strategy, you might not be using the app to its fullest potential. No need to panic though! We’ve compiled a list of 5 tips on how to improve your Instagram business page that will take your posts to the next level.

Optimize Your Account

One of the most important elements of any Instagram account is the bio. Think of the bio as your homepage. It’s the one spot on an otherwise visual network where people can read about your company. Use this space to share your mission statement or your tagline. Additionally, Instagram allows you to include one link in your bio. According to Sprout Social, you should try to link to marketing or product pages that relate to specific keywords, hashtags, or campaigns. Utilizing this space will help drive quality traffic to your profile.

Be Authentic

The latest trend in the world of social media is authenticity! Try to share content that goes beyond a slick marketing campaign and show off some of the real people and experiences that contribute to your brand. Hootsuite recommends sharing behind-the-scenes footage on an Instagram story, writing a caption that reveals your cheeky sense of humor, or taking ownership of any mistakes you’ve made. Whatever you do, just remember that people appreciate posts they can relate to. Authenticity will trump perfection every time.

Focus On The Visuals

As we previously mentioned, Instagram is all about the visuals. With that in mind, it’s important that you find the right aesthetic look for your brand. Before you create any graphics, reference your branding guidelines to ensure that you stay consistent across all platforms. Remember to pay attention to your color palette. According to Buffer, some of the most successful Instagram accounts tend to use a select color palette for their photos, helping to create a distinct style. Finally, don’t forget about your fonts. Keep everything consistent by using the same font on each post.

Change Up Your Post Types

Another great way to engage users on Instagram is through a variety of post types. Instagram allows for several posting options on their site. You can share stories, videos, animated images, carousels, and even live stream! Stories and videos can be highlighted on your profile and are perfect for encouraging interaction. In addition, Vamp says that carousels are proven to receive a higher engagement rate than single in-feed images and videos. As you can see, there are lots of options available for driving engagement and brand awareness on Instagram. For the best results, we recommend mixing up your post types every now and again.

Utilize Shoppable Posts

One last post type that’s available to businesses on Instagram is the shoppable post. Whether your company sells a physical product or a service, Instagram is designed to create connections between you and potential customers. To make this happen, you’ll need to utilize every set of 9 squares on your feed. According to Social Media Examiner, the algorithm works best when structured this way: four posts should add value and help your ideal client, three posts should create connections, and two posts should promote or sell your service. This mix of content will help you develop positive and trusting relationships between you and your followers.

Instagram is a great place for businesses to connect with their target market. Because it has so many active users across the world and provides an outlet for creativity to run free, it simply cannot be ignored. If you would like some help making your Instagram Business account stand out, Point of Action Marketing can help! Fill out our contact form to get started today!