Commercial Real Estate Website Strategy and Redesign

Commercial Real Estate Website Design

The Challenge​

Madison Corporate Group, a commercial real estate management company reached out to Point of Action Marketing with a desire to update their brand and website presence. They were also looking to better promote and market their multiple properties in the Chicagoland Area. Their previous website had been stagnant for years from a content and development standpoint. Additionally, Madison Corporate Group did not have any data regarding the performance of the website.

The Strategy

Since there was not any historical data, the primary focus was to update the brand for Madison Corporate group and develop branding guidelines to adhere to moving forward before development of the new website. Once the branding was established the strategy would focus on defining the technology framework for the website, outlining the navigation, and defining the content strategy pre and post launch. A measurement strategy was also defined to ensure clean data collection to make data driven decisions for the ongoing iteration of the website and marketing efforts. With a need to ensure visibility in local markets a strong search engine optimization strategy was critical.
MCG Facebook Website Announcement

Real Estate Marketing Strategy & Process

Defining a strategy to attract and convert the desired audience.

Branding Guidelines

The branding guidelines were developed to include a new logo (and multiple variations based on placement), typography definition, color theme and photography. These new guidelines were not only used for the new website, but used across different digital properties including the optimization of Google My Business and Social Media accounts for branding consistency and recognition.

Measurement Strategy

Multiple tools were setup and optimized based on the measurement strategy to ensure ongoing data driven decisions could be made to further improve the user experience and find-ability of the website.

Content Strategy

In regards to the content strategy, since historical data wasn’t available Point of Action Marketing performed competitive research and implemented a search engine optimization strategy to update the existing content to have stronger intent to drive awareness for the target audience.

Technical SEO

In addition to a SEO Content Strategy focus, it was critical to implement further technical search engine optimization strategy starting with setting up Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster tools to identify and track technical SEO framework needs. Additional framework was added to take advantage of the necessary schema for improved indexing. Google My Business was also setup for each property and continually optimized to assist the local SEO strategy.

Technology Framework

Based on the friction points of Madison Corporate Group’s previous Content Management System (CMS), Point of Action Marketing determined that WordPress CMS would be the technology of choice for the new website given the easy of use and cost effectiveness for ongoing support.

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