Digital Marketing Services for a Banquet Hall

Digital Marketing Services for Banquet Hall

The Challenge​

El Agave Banquets was having difficulty during Covid-19 to drive visibility to their banquet hall.  It was important to build leads for when the county opened up safely for larger gatherings such as reunions, weddings, corporate events, etc.  When El Agave Banquets came to Point of Action Marketing they were without a digital presence, but were already in the process of building a new website.  The challenge was to find a way to drive traffic and potential customers to that new website without an ad budget.

The Strategy

Due to budget restraints, we leveraged as many free tools as possible starting with creating a Google My Business and Bing Places account and adding the necessary content to represent the banquet hall.  Weekly posts were created for both business listings and social media to call out the different events that could perfectly be hosted at their Crystal Lake, IL location. Additionally, a content and analytics strategy was important for the new website presence.

Driving Business to Banquet Hall

Strategy & Process

Defining and implementing an online strategy with no ad budget

Local Listings

A critical first step was to claim and optimize the local listings to bring visibility to the brick and mortar business. The optimization included content development on a weekly basis, marketing post design & development, image optimization, and photography.

Keyword Research

Due to the limited content on the website when it went live.  Point of Action Marketing implemented a Content Strategy to target the necessary keywords that El Agave Banquets potential customers would be searching.  Ongoing content was researched, created and posted.


It was important to get photos of the space especially as customers were doing more research online and were not visiting locations in person as much.  Their space was unique in that it could transform based on the occasion which needed to be reflected in the photography.

Social Media

With an existing Facebook Page, Point of Action Marketing crafted a posting strategy and created ongoing campaigns for El Agave Banquets to post.  This helped draw additional attention not only from existing audience, but used that audience to help share those posts to friends and family.

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