Digital Optimization for All American Reclaim

All American Reclaim Marketing Strategy

The Challenge​

All American Reclaim faced critical issues with website performance, suffering from visibility and technical challenges, particularly in site speed. Their marketing strategy overly relied on paid channels targeting existing audiences, neglecting the pursuit of new business. 

The Strategy

The strategy encompassed a dual focus on technical optimization and audience expansion for All American Reclaim. The first stage of improvement involved a significant enhancement of site speed through a revamp of the WordPress framework and the exploration of a more cost-effective hosting plan. Concurrently, we  implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy to attract a new audience. This included evergreen SEO practices for sustained search engine visibility, content development to engage the target audience, and a Google Ad strategy for efficient and targeted outreach. By harmonizing technical improvements with a diversified marketing approach, we aim to propel All American Reclaim towards sustainable growth and increased market presence.

Marketing & Website Strategy

Search Engine Optimization

A tailored content strategy and technical SEO approach were meticulously crafted to not only drive new organic traffic but also cultivate a fresh audience for All American Reclaim. By strategically rewriting a significant portion of existing non-SEO optimized content, noticeable impacts were observed within just a few weeks, enhancing the brand’s online visibility. Complementing these efforts, a targeted photography strategy was implemented to enrich business listings with authentic photos, creating a more engaging and appealing online presence.

Search Engine Marketing

Simultaneously with the SEO enhancements, All American Reclaim revamped their Google Ads strategy by leveraging updated campaign tools and a refined approach. Rigorous daily monitoring was implemented to eliminate non-serving keywords that were draining the budget. A strategic shift was made to reduce unnecessary expenditure on branded campaigns, redirecting resources towards fostering awareness and lead capture for a new audience. Additionally, the conversion strategy underwent an update, centering on trackable lead capture to ensure a more precise and effective measurement of campaign success.

Email Marketing

Aiming for enhanced customer engagement, All American Reclaim implemented welcome email automations tailored for diverse lists and segments, refining their campaign targeting and messaging. This strategic move ensures a more personalized and impactful communication with their audience. To streamline processes further, integrations were introduced linking their website seamlessly with email platforms. This not only optimizes the flow of information but also facilitates a cohesive and efficient approach in managing and delivering targeted campaigns, fostering a more seamless and effective customer journey.

Social Media

By crafting a targeted ad strategy, All American Reclaim has developed unique landing pages designed to engage and capture the attention of non-customers. The focus of this initiative is to drive awareness among potential clients while simultaneously collecting valuable information for remarketing efforts. By tailoring landing pages to specific segments, the company aims to create a more personalized and compelling experience, laying the groundwork for effective remarketing campaigns. This approach not only enhances brand visibility but also establishes a strategic foundation for cultivating lasting connections with a broader audience.


By strategically eliminating bloated code, All American Reclaim successfully optimized their site speed, leading to a twofold benefit. Firstly, the enhanced website performance resulted in a more seamless user experience. Secondly, the reduction in unnecessary code allowed for a significant decrease in hosting costs, contributing to operational efficiency. Simultaneously, the company fine-tuned its ecommerce strategy to boost product listings, ensuring better visibility and engagement.

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