Ecommerce Marketing Analysis and Audit

Ecommerce Digital Analysis

The Challenge​

ChefTOG is an established apron manufacturing brand that was utilizing multiple marketing channels with the goal to grow awareness and traffic to its online presence. However, they found their tactics were not quite driving the return they were hoping for and turned to Point of Action Marketing for a fresh perspective on where they could improve their marketing strategy.

The Strategy

The strategy began by gaining access to all of the data ChefTOG had available to ensure that Point of Action Marketing had a full picture of the current user journeys. The analysis was data-driven and addressed all marketing channels, not just those ChefTOG was currently utilizing.
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Ecommerce Strategy & Process

Focused Analysis on Awareness and Traffic Generation

Measurement Strategy

We first took a look at the current Measurement Strategy. Proper data collection is imperative to make proper data-driven decisions. We identified several key areas to optimize within Google Analytics and Google Ads for cleaner data gathering and reporting.

Social Media Analysis

ChefTOG had established social media channels, however multiple optimization opportunities existed within both the profiles and within the posted content. We received each channel, the profiles, individual posts, imagery, tagging, and engagement to determine areas of immediate impact.

Email & Automation Analysis

Email Automation was an area of improvement due to technical issues with timely sends from their 3rd party platform. Additionally, opportunities were noted that would also improve data gathering by consistent use of UTM codes.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization analysis focused on both a technical and content standpoint. In addition to the audit, a meeting was scheduled to identify further keyword opportunities and further in depth keyword analysis to drive the ongoing content development with an additional focus on competitive analysis.

Search Engine Marketing

For Search Engine Marketing the focus was on Google Ads account. The main areas of optimization was the overall structure of the ad groups, keyword targeting and proper integration of the ecommerce tracking.

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