Marketing Tools for Everyday Activities

Add Some to Your Marketing Strategy

There are so many marketing tools available, it can be incredible overwhelming so we have gathered a list of digital marketing tools that can help you on your journey. We have chosen our top favorites that we use weekly if not daily in our work. To help those of you who are new to marketing or on a budget, we did focus our efforts on picking those tools that are free or rather affordable (when we could).

Search Engine Optimization Tools:

If you are looking for data around search engine optimization (SEO) we recommend adding these to your marketing stack:

  • Google Search Console – give you valuable information on the visibility of your website in Google’s Search Engine.
  • Bing Webmaster Tools – gives you valuable information on the visibility of your website in Bing’s Search Engine. It also includes an SEO scan tool, however it is not very robust.
  • AHREF – for those of you who are looking for a more robust yet free SEO scan tool plus other great keyword information.
  • Screamingfrog – if you need a website scan tool that allows you to dig deeper, this is the tool for you but it is does have a fee.
  • SEMRush – this is the most expensive of the tools shown, but this will be the only tool that allows for really comparing your website SEO health to competitor sites.

Content Writing Tools:

Please consider the tool list above regarding SEO as those tools will also help you write more effective content.  More specifically, if you are looking for help on generating topics and or editing support may we recommend:

  • Hemingway Editor – a great tool to help you evaluate the content you are writing and can be a critical tool if you do not have co-workers to double check your work.
  • AnswerThePublic – this tool can help you come up with content topics and then use that information to see what variations may make sense from a keyword perspective when combined with a tool such as SEMRush.

Design or Image Sourcing Tools:

We have gathered a list of tools below to help you in your marketing and/or website design journey, some will be better for those of you just starting out or those of you with more advanced design skills:

  • Canva – if you are not a designer or if you are a designer that needs a quick an easy tool, Canva is for you. Although there are several low cost design tools available, this is our favorite not only due to there being a free version but they consistently roll out features as if they are reading our minds.
  • Photoshop – for those of you who need photo editing software and want more design control than what Canva provides we recommend Photoshop as a paid option.
  • Unsplash – if you are using Canva you have access to stock photography, but unsplash can supplement.
  • Pixabay – is another alternative site for free stock photos.

Email Marketing Tools:

  • MailChimp – if you are just starting up email marketing campaigns this may be the tool for you as it is easy to use and has a free version available. Keep your lists clean and it will continue to be an affordable tool as your business grows.
  • Klavio – need more than what MailChimp offers, we recommend Klavio as an option but check to make sure your technology integrates to take advantage of its impressive features.

Social Media Marketing Management Tools:

  • Meta Business Suite (Formerly known as Facebook Business Suite) – we are always in favor of using native tools versus publishing through 3rd party software for Facebook and Instagram as it lessens the change of security issues. They have recently launched some additional features giving more posting options.
  • Canva – if you are looking to schedule posts outside of Meta Business Suite or looking to post to other social media outlets Canva may be best if you are using it already for your campaign designs as it is an easy click away.

Website Data Gathering Tools:

  • Google Analytics – still a favorite of ours for analyzing website traffic and engagement. It is also great to use if you are using other Google products such as Google Search Console and Google Ads due to seamless integration of data. It may take time to get used to if it is new to you, but there is a wealth of training and articles to help you along.
  • Microsoft Clarity – this is still in beta, but if you want to identify friction points on your website this tool will capture user recordings to analyze. We are excited to see the next features they introduce.
  • HotJar – this tools continues to have a free option that has several useful features such as HeatMaps, User Recordings and Surveys so you can get both implicit and explicit data about your users.

Again, there are so many tools out there to choose from so we limited this blog to our top favorites for each high-level marketing channel that are free or considered affordable options. We wish you luck on your marketing journey and let us know if we can help. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram or Facebook for more marketing tips and marketing tool recommendations!