Marketing & Web Strategy for Tea Store

WordPress Ecommerce Website Optimization

The Challenge​

Nuovo Tea was looking to improve their website and marketing performance to increase revenue due to limited brick and mortar sales suffering during the covid-19 pandemic. They had also lost a staff member that was managing their digital presence so time was of the essence to develop the necessary strategy to keep previous posting cadence and also identify tactics to improve performance.

The Strategy

They had an existing WordPress website, however, the construction of the website brought limitations that needed to be addressed from both a design and search engine optimization perspective. In parallel to optimizing the website, a social media plan required implementation to allow for communication with clients and to increase traffic to the website during this critical time.

Marketing & Web Development for Tea Store

Tea Store Marketing Strategy & Process

Optimizing Website Experience & Developing Marketing Calendar

Website Optimization

Once Point of Action Marketing had gained access to the website and hosting environment the first phase of the website strategy was to review the security and code structure of the website. It was immediately identified that a monthly process needed to be implemented to ensure the website had frequent security and performance updates. Obsolete plugins and code were removed to also improve the performance of the website.

Website Design & User Experience

There were some limitations in regards to optimizing the design based on how the website was initially built, however immediate actions were taken to optimize the design to improve the user experience by eliminating the noise on the site and direct users to focus on the ecommerce experience. This included removing unnecessary content blocks promoting blog content that hid products on the mobile experience, removing distractions from the checkout process and enlarging images to show off and provide clarity on the quality of product.

Search Engine Optimization

The first phase for optimizing the website for search engines required running several site scans using several SEO tools to gain a full picture of the website structure and content to help identify areas of opportunity. Once those opportunities were identified they were prioritized and added to a backlog so that we could address high impact items first for more immediate results. Ongoing scans are completed on a regular basis to continue to identify new opportunities as the search engine algorithms update.

Social Media & Photography

Social Media is a critical tool for this tea company as it helped with ongoing communication with their customer base, but also regularly drove traffic to their store. A strategy was establish to ensure ongoing social media posting and training was provided to the store’s staff for ongoing posting. Photography was also a key tactic to move them from using stock photos and instead provide authentic imagery to drive better conversions and engagement.

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