Martial Arts Marketing Strategy

Martial Arts Marketing Strategy

The Challenge​

U.S. Martial Arts Academy began to struggle during the Covid-19 pandemic and was in need of establishing a marketing strategy to drive awareness of their location and various classes to attract new students. It was also important to promote the safety measures implemented to keep students safe and educate current and prospective students on new class methods available.

The Strategy

At the beginning of the engagement, there was no social media presence established in order to communicate regularly with students and families of class schedules and new offerings.  A content strategy was also established to not only ensure consistent social posting, but also to address website content and overall Search Engine Optimization Strategy.  Business listings were claimed and updated with weekly content and the website was updated to improve messaging and engagement.

Martial Arts Social Media Strategy

Martial Arts Website Strategy & Process

Driving awareness with a marketing strategy.

Website Analysis & Content Strategy

Point of Action Marketing began with establishing an improved measurement strategy for the Martial Arts studio with the addition of Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics setup. Once enough data was collected, areas of opportunity were identified to increase engagement by adding more calls to action, adjusting existing content to provide additional clarity and new content to address search engine optimization needs.

Business Listings Optimization

The Martial Arts Academy business listings were claimed and optimized with initial content to improve keyword strategy. Weekly content updates were made to include updated photography, video and text related to offerings and overall business updates.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media business accounts were created and a strategy was established to drive followings and engagement. Ongoing social strategy was established to ensure consistent posting and content creation such as training videos, testimonials, class updates and special offers. A paid strategy was also established to initially grow the channels and overall awareness and engagment.

Photography & Videography Strategy

In order to continue to have fresh and authentic content across marketing channels it was important to also provide ongoing photography and video editing services. This allowed for more engagement to the Martial Arts Academy audience. Videos were identified as a need as well due to social media algorithms and for Google My Business so ongoing video strategy was implemented.

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