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The Challenge​

Spa One is a brand new business that kicked off during the Covid 19 Pandemic, which brought on many challenges. Point of Action Marketing was tasked with developing their branding and marketing strategy by creating a logo, website, and local presence both on a limited budget and a brief timeline in order to start driving traffic and business during this difficult time. A key area of focus was to develop content to express the safety protocols being taken at their establishment for the health and well-being of Spa One’s clients.

The Strategy

With this brick and mortar location opening during a time most business began struggling it was important to develop a digital strategy that could be executed quickly and cost effectively. Point of Action began by establishing brand guidelines and a logo to represent the business. The next focus was to create and optimize local listing records on Google and Bing to attract business from their geographical area. It was important to establish content that reflected the safety and cleanliness so photography became important for the visual representation. Lastly, a single page website presence was created to house the necessary information their audience would need to understand offerings, promotions and location of the business.
Logo Design Services

Local Spa Strategy & Process

Defining and implementing an online strategy with limited budget

Logo Design

Point of Action Marketing created multiple logo versions for Spa One to chose from. It was important to use fonts and colors that spoke to the professionalism and cleanliness of the business so a minimalist logo was created with easy to read font. Additionally, the color palate chosen was based on targeting male dominated personas.

Local Listings

Due to the target audience being within a localized geographical area it was important to create local listings. An account was created and optimized for both Google My Business and Bing Pages with targeted areas, business information, service offerings, photos and more to drive visibility and conversions through phone number clicks and driving direction clicks.

Website Development

Since budget was tight a one page website was developed using Google My Business tool and information. Beyond the information already established, a promotion was created that represented the loyalty program established for Spa One clients.


Photography was a key component to show the care and professionalism of the establishment. It was important to represent the differentiators of this business to its competitors by depicting the cleanliness, privacy and relaxation of the rooms.

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