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The Challenge​

Pinemoor Pizza was a local pizza establishment that has been serving their community for over 30 years, however they had never invested in marketing outside of establishing a Facebook page and a single page website that was rarely updated and contained very outdated information regarding pricing and offerings. The website had an additional challenge in that neither the current or previous owner had access to the website or hosting environment so a strenuous process of regaining access needed to be deployed. The business also went through a change in ownership which was a benefit to the business if that messaging could get out to the local neighborhood.

The Strategy

The marketing strategy for this restaurant started from the ground up so a backlog of tactics and action items were completed and then prioritized into a roadmap. There were immediate needs in regards to updating outdated information about the business as well as claiming the necessary business online profiles. Since this is a local business in which they can serve, most emphasis was placed on marketing channels and networks that could best communicate to a defined and narrow radius around the restaurant.
Pinemoor Pizza LinkedIn Page

Marketing Strategy & Process for Local Pizza Place

Building the Restaurant Brand

Branding Guidelines & Logo

It was critical to define a logo and branding guidelines prior to other marketing efforts so that there would be cohesive messaging and brand representation across digital assets. Multiple logos were developed based on competitive research and color theory that Pinemoor Pizza could chose from. Additionally, font and overall color theme was defined.

Social Media

A social media presence was established on Facebook, Instagram, NextDoor and LinkedIn. All social channels required branding and business listing information added to bring a cohesive vision. Once it was established, we were able to move forward with the social posting strategy starting with the announcement of new ownership that we knew would drive social conversation and engagement. This first post reached over 15,000 people organically with almost 3,000 engagements on Facebook alone. From there, the social strategy focused on authentic imagery and weekly promotional messaging.

Local Listings

It was important to claim the local listings as this was the fastest way to ramp up organic visibility due to the lack of access to the website when we first engaged in this marketing initiative. Content was added consistently every few days in order to continue to send positive signals to Google that this account was active after years of being stagnant. This resulted in 103% growth in direction requests and 100% growth in visits in the second month of management.

Website Optimization

Since the restaurant owner didn’t have immediate access to the website, we took charge of the process of reclaiming ownership. Due to the length of time this process can take we spun up a free one page website with accurate product and pricing information to lessen any confusion from customers and to represent the new digital brand that had been created. This process continued until reclaiming of the domain was completed and the newly launched WordPress site was completed.

Restaurant Photography & Social Media Strategy

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