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The Challenge​

Nestled within the charming town of Crystal Lake, IL, the bustling Crystal Lake Plaza proudly accommodates a dynamic ensemble of over 30 thriving tenants. Recognizing the distinctiveness of each business, Point of Action Marketing artfully crafted a strategy that intricately addresses the individual marketing requirements of every tenant and managed local events at the plaza, fostering a mutually beneficial environment of growth and success.

The Strategy

Point of Action Marketing demonstrated its prowess by crafting a comprehensive strategy that zeroed in on pivotal marketing facets, ingeniously designed to bolster promotion and catalyze footfall for the tenant businesses. The strategy orchestrated a symphony of tactics, including the strategic dissemination of compelling offers on social media platforms, the creation of a dedicated website for the plaza itself, and the orchestration of impactful event marketing endeavors. This holistic approach not only amplified visibility but also fostered a vibrant online presence, establishing an enticing allure that beckoned patrons to explore the diverse offerings within the plaza.

Shopping Center Marketing

Defining and implementing a website strategy

Website Development & Ongoing Support

Point of Action Marketing has played a pivotal role in elevating the online presence of Crystal Lake Plaza through comprehensive website development and steadfast ongoing support. Recognizing the significance of a well-crafted digital platform, Point of Action Marketing embarked on a journey to create a virtual hub that mirrored the essence of the plaza while offering visitors a seamless and informative experience. The website, a testament to meticulous design and user-centric functionality, has become the online gateway for patrons to explore the diverse range of businesses nestled within the plaza.

Social Media

Point of Action Marketing harnesses the prowess of social media to support Crystal Lake Plaza, strategically crafting and curating impactful posts that amplify visibility, foster engagement, and ultimately drive foot traffic to the diverse tenant businesses. In this multifaceted realm of social media, Point of Action Marketing plays a vital role in reshaping how the plaza communicates, markets, and flourishes in an interconnected world.

Email Automation

Point of Action Marketing has seamlessly integrated email automation into its strategy for Crystal Lake Plaza, ensuring that the community remains consistently informed about the vibrant array of events hosted at the plaza. By harnessing the power of automation, Point of Action Marketing has established a dynamic communication channel that effortlessly disseminates updates, announcements, and event details to the community’s inboxes. This streamlined approach not only fosters a sense of anticipation and engagement but also underscores the plaza’s commitment to providing its patrons with an enriched and interconnected experience.

Social Media Strategy

Rt 38 BBQ understood from day one of the project that a social media presence would be necessary in order to reach their target audience. By properly identifying their audience and strategizing around them, Rt 38 BBQ has been able to create a social presence that has thrived. Rt 38 BBQ knew that they needed to be on social media platforms where their target audience was active, and they also needed to create content that would appeal to their audience. As a result of these efforts, Rt 38 BBQ has been able to reach more people and grow their business.

Event Marketing

Point of Action Marketing demonstrated its prowess in bolstering Crystal Lake Plaza through a dynamic event marketing approach. Recognizing the significance of fostering engaging experiences for the community, Point of Action Marketing curated and executed an array of impactful events that resonate with the diverse interests of the plaza’s patrons. From captivating themed gatherings to interactive workshops and lively celebrations, each event was meticulously designed to not only draw attention but also create lasting memories.

Results from Website Development and Marketing Efforts

Over 6,000 attendees for Featured Event
Engagement Rate On Website
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Event Management for Crystal Lake Plaza

Creating Incredible Community Focused Events

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