Software Company Marketing

Software Company Marketing

The Challenge​

Mezereon came to Point of Action Marketing because they wanted to drive more traffic and generate more more sales for their search and guided navigation software. This was a challenge because their digital presence was new and had minimal content.  They were competing in a crowded industry with many of their competitors being large in size and  budget.

The Strategy

Mezereon, although new to the market had incredibly competitive features so the overall strategy was to focus on finding the appropriate audience and driving the conversion of a free software trial.  The first step was to create a brand strategy and establish marketing branded social media channels so that Mezereon had an outlet to promote their features and functionality.  Additionally, a website content strategy was established to promote case studies and partnerships bringing authenticity to the brand.

Content Strategy

Software Marketing Strategy

Defining and implementing software marketing tactics

Content Creation

A critical first step was to create content to improve Mezereon’s organic reach. This included creating a blog  that was rich with keywords and relevant information for only for software feature releases, but also client case studies to demonstrate the power of their SAAS platform.

Reputation Management & Local Listings

For further organic reach and building awareness, Point of Action Marketing created local listings such as Google Business Profile and Bing Places.  After establishing the listings, weekly optimization strategy was implemented for continued audience growth.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Creating and maintaining social media accounts was another important stage for Mezereon. Branding Guidelines were created prior to creating a posting schedule to ensure posts would be cohesive and on brand.  Once established, monthly marketing campaigns were created for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn in order to test which social networks brought the strongest attention and traffic to the Mezeron brand.

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