The first phase of the user journey is the Awareness Stage where customers are experiencing your brand for the first time. If you are a new business, or perhaps a business that has started to see a decline in traffic it is best to revisit your strategy on how to gain the awareness of a new audience. The following marketing channels can be an effective way to target a new audience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is typically one of the best converting channels because if done correctly, you are driving very relevant traffic to your website, however this is a marketing channel that takes time to develop. SEO can be broken up into groups technical and content which is needed to build rankings and gain user awareness. Your technical SEO strategy is needed to ensure your website has an optimized framework to help search engines crawl through your website and content focused SEO helps drive your site to be ranked for certain keywords a user may type into a search engine like Google. Search Engine Optimization is also consistently evolving due to search engines updating their algorithms and also due to users search behavior so it is important that a portion of your budget is continually focused on SEO.

Search Engine Marketing

If you are looking to ramp up awareness for your brand quicker and have set aside a budget for paid Ads search engine marketing is a channel to take advantage of as paired with SEO, your sites visibility can take up more real estate within the search engine page. There are many strategies to take advantage of, but from a high level standpoint you will want to have campaigns that target keywords that are relevant to your business, a branded campaign, and potentially a competitor campaign as well. It is important to research the cost of the keywords related to these type of campaigns to properly plan and decide which strategies will make sense to give you the awareness you are seeking in the most cost effective manner.

Social Media Marketing

Running ads through social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, tec.) can be a more cost effective solution for many businesses. Although the conversion rate tends to be lower, search engine marketing a powerful channel to drive awareness especially with the use of demographic and interest targeting and because let’s face it, your customers are on social media. Through social advertising your brand becomes more recognizable.

The goal once you have started to drive awareness through these or other marketing channels is to be able to build enough interested and trust with your content to drive that users journey towards the consideration phase which will be discussed in a future blog post.