B2B Marketing & Content Strategy for a Packaging Company

ACC Packaging Marketing Strategy

The Challenge​

ACC Packaging came to Point of Action Marketing because they wanted to drive more traffic and generate more leads to their recently developed WordPress website. This was a challenge because their digital presence was new and had minimal content.  They were competing in a crowded industry with many of their competitors being large in size and  budget. 

The Strategy

Due to budget restraints, Point of Action Marketing (POA) leveraged as many free marketing tools as possible. POA started by establishing a strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO) foundation by creating rich organic content. It was critical to optimize the website before driving paid traffic in order to not waste ad budget.  Once optimized, a full marketing strategy was put into place including SEM, Social Media Strategy, Email Marketing Strategy, etc. to drive additional visibility, traffic and conversions.

B2B Content Strategy Design

B2B Marketing Strategy & Process

Defining and implementing a multi channel digital marketing strategy.

Content Creation Strategy & Implementation

A critical first step was to create content to optimize their website. This included creating a blog  that was rich with keywords and relevant information. Additional pages describing the company’s main services were added to assist with key term ranking.

B2B Reputation Management & Local Listings

It was important to build up the ACC Packaging brand through online reviews. This in combination with a local listing strategy involving constant updates to Google My Business and Bing Places accounts drove ongoing lead generation. 

Search Engine Optimization

POA focused efforts on search engine optimization. With each new page of content, keywords were careful chosen and optimized for including meta data information to ensure best results. Regular site scans of their website helped to ensure that all of our efforts were working to make the website SEO friendly. 

Social Media Marketing

Creating and maintaining social media accounts was another important stage in our marketing plan for ACC. Once we added them to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn, we created a posting strategy and several ongoing campaigns for ACC Packaging Co to post. This helped draw additional attention to their brand and made it easier for their audience to share posts with their own followers.

Search Engine Marketing

Once the website was more established and the content became more robust, we were able to implement some search engine marketing strategies. We started by creating Google Ads and then migrated to Bing Ads. While Bing does not drive as much traffic as Google, it does earn more conversions. 

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