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New Lee n' Eddies Site

The Challenge​

Lee n Eddies is a catering company located in Glen Ellyn, IL.  They are a long standing business with over 50 years of catering experience, but they had an outdated website framework and needed to implement a marketing strategy as business become hard during the 2020 pandemic.  Their business needed to adapt to serving individual and family meals due to limitations on gatherings and market their change in menu offerings.  To accomplish this, Point of Action Marketing updated the website framework, website design and implemented a multi channel marketing approach.

The Strategy

It was critical to update the website framework, design and content before implementing a ad strategy in order to ensure we were giving the best user experience.  Once the website framework and design had been updated for performance, Point of Action Marketing used a multi-channel approach to drive awareness.  Through the first few months of data gathering and analysis we had enough information of which marketing channels had the best return on investment and adjusted the strategy accordingly to maximize return.

Marketing Case Study

Catering Marketing Strategy & Process

Building the Restaurant Brand

Website Strategy

The website framework was over nine years old, due to budget restraints a website redevelopment wasn’t possible but implementing an updated theme, removing old code and adjusting WordPress plugins allowed for a faster website experience.  Once the performance issues were completed, Point of Action Marketing turned their focus to addressing the design and imagery.  New banners with clear calls to action were created and imagery was updated to use as much authentic photos as possible.  This resulted in improved user engagement and conversions. 

Content Strategy

The website had a lack of new content so a content strategy and roadmap was developed to ensure ongoing fresh content was being added.  Additionally, the site suffered from duplicated content, content bloat and thin content.  This not only hurt SEO, but also created confusion for customers.  A roadmap was established to determine if a page needed to be removed or optimized for the overall SEO health of the website.

Search Engine Optimization

It was important to claim the local listings as this was a fast way to ramp up organic visibility.  Weekly content was added to each platform to drive user engagement.  All meta data on the website require updating to match current SEO best practices and to better target important traffic driving keywords.  The site suffered from technical schema issues which were addressed.

Social Media Marketing

A social media presence was established on Pinterest, NextDoor and LinkedIn. In addition, Facebook and Instagram although established needed an updated social strategy.  Once profiles were established or optimized, we were able to move forward with the social posting strategy focusing on using authentic imagery and monthly promotional messaging.

Search Engine Marketing Strategy

It was important to add a Google Ad strategy in order to specifically target potential customers in a specific geo targeted area.  Campaigns were created based on the overall business and special seasonal offers.  Due to the competitive nature of the business and the trickiness of Google’s Algorithm wanting to treat Catering companies similar to restaurants an extremely focused setup was created allowing for maximum conversion rates.

Email Marketing Strategy

It was important to establish an email marketing strategy that created consistent ongoing communication with their audience.  Additionally, their previous strategy needed to be updated to remove poorly performing addresses hurting their sender profile.  To improve email sign ups an email pop up was added to the site with strict rules to provide the optimal user experience.

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