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When you first start using WordPress, you may be content with the features that are available out of the box. However, as you become more familiar with the platform, you’ll quickly realize that there’s a lot more to WordPress than meets the eye. One of the best things about WordPress is the wide range of plugins that are available to extend its functionality. With so many plugins readily available, it can be tempting to download and install any plugin that looks promising. However, it’s important to do your research before downloading a new plugin. Not all plugins are created equal, that is why we created a list of the best plugins for WordPress.

Elementor Page Builder For WordPress

Elementor is a powerful page builder plugin for WordPress. With new version releases coming out almost every month, Elementor is often regarded as the best page builder. With quick and easy access to 50+ built-in widgets, Elementor is a popular choice for marketers and developers. Elementor’s drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to create custom pages without having to code. And with Elementor’s growing library of add-ons, you can extend the plugin’s functionality to create even more amazing pages. If you’re looking for a powerful page builder plugin for WordPress, Elementor is a great option.


Redirection is a plugin for WordPress that makes it easy to manage your website’s links. It can be used to automatically redirect visitors to the correct page of your website that have been removed completely to ensure you do not lose SEO value. Redirection is an essential tool for any website owner, and it can save you a lot of time and hassle. With Redirection, you can easily check all your links and make sure they’re pointing to the right place in order to ensure those pesky 404 errors don’t pop up (404 is an error code meaning webpage not found). Redirection is a free plugin, and it’s available for download from the WordPress plugin repository. Simply install Redirection on your WordPress site, and you’ll be able to start managing your links with ease. Redirection is an essential tool for any website owner, and it can save you a lot of time and hassle.

Yoast SEO & Yoast Duplicate Post

Yoast SEO is now the most popular SEO plugin for WordPress, used by millions of websites worldwide. Yoast SEO is designed to help you make quick changes to your website’s meta, including title tags, meta descriptions, canonical links and robots.txt. Yoast SEO also offers an analysis of your website’s content, helping you to optimize your pages for better search engine ranking. If you don’t have the Yoast SEO plugin on your WordPress website, you need to act fast to ensure your ranking signals are accurate. Yoast SEO is the best way to ensure your website is optimized for better search engine visibility. Another great Yoast tool is Yoast Duplicate Post, this application, once installed will let you quickly duplicate any page or post.

Translation Plugin For WordPress

Translation services are becoming increasingly important in our globalized world. With more and more people speaking different languages, it is important to be able to present your products or services in the user’s native language. This can be a time-consuming and expensive process. At Point of Action Marketing we like to use Polylang. This plugin, although it comes with a small fee, uses high-quality translation processing to ensure that your website is accurately translated into the target language. As a result, you can reach a wider audience and improve your chances of doing business in today’s global market.

IndexNow Now For WordPress

IndexNow is a powerful tool that allows SEO & marketing administrators to quick and efficiently index any new pages. The process is simple, once installed and setup properly, the tool, whenever a new page is created will automatically submit your urls for indexing via API key.

Cookie Yes GDPR Cookie Consent

As anyone who has ever worked with website cookies knows, GDPR compliance can be a real headache. But with CookieYes, it doesn’t have to be. Their GDPR cookie consent banner is highly customizable and offers users peace of mind with its ability to scan your website for cookie violations. And best of all, it’s completely free! So if you’re looking for an easy way to stay GDPR compliant, look no further than CookieYes.

If you are building or revamping a website or are wanting to explore alternative plugins for your current website, consider the above. We utilize the listed plugins on a daily basis to create beautiful websites, sound SEO strategies that comply with search engine standards as well as user friendly . Contact us today to learn more about all of our digital marketing services.

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