The Importance of Video in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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In today’s digital age, video is more important than ever before. A well-executed video marketing strategy can help you reach a wider audience, build brand awareness, and boost engagement. But what exactly is video marketing, and how can you use it to achieve your business goals? Read on to find out.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is the process of creating and distributing engaging videos with the aim of promoting a product or service. When done correctly, video marketing can be an extremely effective way to reach a large audience and generate leads as video is highly shareable. Thanks to social media, it’s easier than ever for people to share the content they love with their friends and followers. If your video is interesting, informative, or just plain entertaining, there’s a good chance it will be shared far and wide across the internet—which means more people will see it and learn about your business.

Take a look at this example social media post promoting Pinemoor Pizza.  Their goal was to show the authenticity of their locally owned shop.  Videos on their social media average a 70% increase in reach over photos on Facebook.

Types of Videos

There are a number of different types of videos you can create, including:

1. Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonial videos are another type of video that is often used in marketing. These videos feature customers talking about their experience with a product or service. Testimonial videos can be an effective way to build trust with potential customers and show them that others have had positive experiences with your business.

2. Brand Videos

Brand videos are a type of video that focus on the story of a brand, rather than on a specific product or service. Brand videos typically tell the story of how the brand was founded, or how it has evolved over time. Brand videos can be an effective way to build trust with potential customers and create an emotional connection with them.

3. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are a type of video that explain a concept or an idea. They are typically short, informative videos that make complex topics easy to understand. Explainer videos can be an effective way to introduce potential customers to your business or product, and to show them how it can benefit them.

4. Educational Content

Educational content is a great way to show your audience value for following you on social media, engaging with you and can help increase not only your brand trust, but increase sales.  These can be short or long form content.  The goals is just to give your audience something special and of value.

5. Event Videos

Event videos are a type of video that captures footage of events such as trade shows, conferences, and product launches. Event videos can be an effective way to generate interest in your business and products, and to build relationships with potential customers and partners.

The key is to create videos that are high-quality and informative, as well as entertaining. If you can manage to do this, you’ll be well on your way to success.

Benefits of Video Marketing

There are many benefits that come with using video in your marketing strategy. For starters, as we mentioned videos are highly shareable, which means they have the potential to reach a wide audience quickly. They’re also an excellent way to build trust and credibility with potential customers. In addition, videos can help boost your SEO rankings by increasing the amount of time people spend on your website.  And last but not least, videos are simply more engaging than other types of content, which means they’re more likely to convert viewers into leads and customers.

Next Steps for Your Video Strategy

Now that you know all about the benefits of video marketing, you’re probably wondering how to get started. The first step is to come up with a plan. Decide what type of videos you want to create and what kind of message you want to communicate. Once you have a solid plan in place, start creating high-quality videos that will resonate with your target audience. Remember to promote your videos across all of your social media channels for maximum reach. And finally, don’t forget to measure your results so that you can continually improve your strategy over time.

As you can see, there are countless reasons why you should use video in your digital marketing strategy. If you’re not already using video, now is the time to get started. By following the tips in this article, you’ll be well on your way to success. Need help with video?  Let’s chat.  Fill out our contact us form for a free consultation.

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