Restaurant Website Strategy & Redesign

Restaurant Website Strategy & Redesign

The Challenge​

The restaurant business was hit hard by Covid-19 so Asian Buffet Hibachi Grill of Crystal Lake was looking for ways to stay connected to their existing audience as well as attract new customers. Unfortunately, their online presence was struggling due to being stagnant for several years. The challenge was to update their online presence to attract English speaking customers and implement marketing efforts to build awareness to the restaurant and their offerings.

The Strategy

Through strategic discussions the personas identified that would bring in more business to the Asian Buffet were not currently targeted. It was quickly identified that a new website presence was needed that would support English speakers and also better communicate the different offerings available beyond just the buffet. After identifying this need, updated branding guidelines were established that included a new logo design, fonts, colors and updated photography. Additionally, a new measurement strategy was defined in order to be utilized for the next phase and ongoing marketing decisions.

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Strategy & Process

Defining and implementing an online strategy to attract and convert the desired audience.

Branding Guidelines

The branding guidelines were developed to include a new logo (and multiple variations based on placement), typography definition, color theme, and photography. These new guidelines were first utilized in the development of the new website presence, but will also be used for the next phase of marketing which will be a focus on their social media profiles.

Website Framework

Point of Action Marketing determined that WordPress CMS would be the technology of choice for the new website given the ongoing flexibility of design, content and functionality. The long term strategy will be to include online ordering so having a Content Management System that can grown was critical to their long term success.

Data Strategy

With the limited data available from the previous website it was important to expand the measurement strategy to include user recordings, Google Analytics Data and improved referral tracking in order to make strategic marketing decisions especially since the website strategy was outlined in ongoing phased development.

Content Strategy

The content strategy started with defining the tone and ensuring the messaging of what makes Asian Buffet special. One of those main factors is that it is a fully family run business. Additionally, it was important to outline the content that was needed and missing from their original 1 page website which included content related to the multiple menu and ordering options available. It was also important to establish photography as previously only stock photography was used and it was critical to display authentic visuals of their freshly made offerings.

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