BBQ Restaurant Marketing Strategy

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The Challenge​

Rt. 38 BBQ asked Point of Action Marketing to provide digital marketing services to help spread the word about their new restaurant. We developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that included a new website, social media strategy, press releases, email marketing, and SEO services. We provided Rt 38 BBQ with an easy to digest digital marketing strategy that helped them reach their target audience and get the word out about their delicious food. Thanks to our digital marketing efforts, Rt 38 BBQ has become a local favorite!

The Strategy

It was clear from the get go that that Rt 38 BBQ was unique and required a multi-pronged digital marketing approach to grow their business. Point of Action Marketing developed Rt 38’s website and marketing strategies around the audience they wanted to attract. Coupled with social media posting and a well strategized email marketing campaign that focused on data driven campaign ideation, Point of Action Marketing was able to drive converting traffic through all supported marketing channels.

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Restaurant Marketing Strategy & Process

Defining and implementing a website strategy

Website Strategy

Being a new restaurant and building your online presence from scratch is no small task. We where able to implement an easy-to-use website platform and theme that allows Rt. 38 BBQ to have full control of their website. The new website features an easy-to-use interface that allows web administrators the ability to update menu as well as add new photos. Not only does the website allow web administrators ease of access it also allows customers to place orders online.

Content Strategy

When launching a new website, it is important to create new content on a regular basis to help drive traffic to the website. Rt 38, being brand new, required a content strategy that would drive local traffic to their site. Through strategy and research, we where able to identify topics with high monthly search volume that would drive the appropriate traffic to their website.

Public Relations (PR) Strategy

Opening and marketing a new restaurant can be a daunting task, that is why we implored an aggressive public relations strategy through the local chamber of commerce to promote the business. Spreading the word of the grand opening ceremony on local publications and newsletters drove hoards of people to Rt 38 BBQ’s grand opening.

Social Media Strategy

Rt 38 BBQ understood from day one of the project that a social media presence would be necessary in order to reach their target audience. By properly identifying their audience and strategizing around them, Rt 38 BBQ has been able to create a social presence that has thrived. Rt 38 BBQ knew that they needed to be on social media platforms where their target audience was active, and they also needed to create content that would appeal to their audience. As a result of these efforts, Rt 38 BBQ has been able to reach more people and grow their business.

Online Website Ordering

With more and more people utilizing online services to order their breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we partnered with a 3rd party company that allows for quick and easy ordering of Rt. 38 BBQ’s delicious food.

Email Marketing Strategy

With so many new customers ordering online and within the restaurant, Rt. 38 BBQ needed a way to reach out to their existing customers through email. Point of Action Marketing implemented an email automation system that notifies users of upcoming offers and sales and has increased their returning customer orders.

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