How to Keep Your Logo Relevant

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A business logo is an important tool used to establish brand recognition, but it should be updated regularly to stay relevant. Having multiple designs that represent your business can help ensure that your logo never gets stale. By creating a ‘family’ of logos, you can keep things fresh and modern while still maintaining the overall theme and visual style. At times, you may even find it worth considering rotating certain logos in and out of use depending on the medium. Ultimately, having multiple logo designs allows you flexibility to keep your business logo relevant and engaging for years to come.

Types of Logos

Business logos are an essential part of any brand’s identity and visual representation. There are several common types of logos that businesses use to effectively communicate their meaning and intention. These common types include.

1. Letterform Logos

Letterform logos are a creative and eye-catching way to represent your brand or company. They are unique, versatile, and often easy to recognize – the letter of your company or brand’s name is transformed into a recognizable graphic. This type of logo allows you to take advantage of the simplicity and power of letterforms while also creating an aesthetic that speaks to who you are as a business. Whether it’s minimalist letterforms with cutouts or patterns, multi-color letterforms, letterforms combined with illustrations, letterform logos give your business an element of personality that stands out in a crowded marketplace.

2. Lettermark Logos

Lettermark logos are a popular choice for businesses seeking to create an iconic and visually compelling brand mark. They are simple yet effective, conveying the essence of your business through just a letter or two. Lettermark logos offer the opportunity to craft an elegant typographic-based logo that pairs letterforms with distinctive font choices and color palettes. As a result, these logos can create clarity while providing personality and character. For any company looking to make an impression with a concise lettermark logo, this option offers stylish versatility that cannot be beat.

3. Symbol or Pictorial Logos

Symbol or pictorial logos are a great way to build and strengthen your brand’s identity. Symbol or pictorial logos are visual components and create an image that encapsulates your company’s core values, message, and vision. Symbol or pictorial logos often inspire strong emotional responses in viewers, increasing recognition and engagement with your brand. In addition, Symbol or pictorial logos can be used across multiple platforms and can help unify branding efforts company wide. For these reasons, Symbol or pictorial logos are an invaluable tool for any business looking to increase visibility and differentiate themselves from the competition.

craiger custom design icon logo

Example of an icon logo is shown as created for Craiger Custom Design

4. Abstract Logos

Abstract logos are becoming ever more popular as companies try to establish a more unique and personalized approach to brand identity. Abstract logos allow creative professionals to be more creative with their designs – they can take different elements of the company, culture, product or services offerings, and create something unique that the general public can better recognize the company by. Abstract logos also present an excellent opportunity for companies to effectively communicate a powerful message, instead of being confined by industry norms. Abstract logos represent boldness in design which helps businesses stand out within their space, reinforcing their brands core values and beliefs.

5. Combination Mark Logos

Combination mark logos are a combination of words and a graphic image to create an identifiable brand identity. This type of logo is both visually appealing and informative. By combining two components, combination mark logos present both the company’s identity and the message they wish to convey in one stop. This unique combination showcases the creativity and synergy of a business, making combination mark logos an ideal choice for any company that seeks to make a bold statement with their logo.

Example of a combination logo is shown as created for Craiger Custom Design via a branding strategy project

6. Monogram Logos

Monogram logos are making a comeback as one of the most desired types of logo designs. Monograms offer effective branding opportunities due to their combination of simple yet recognizable elements and are highly personalized. Monograms give companies the unique opportunity to establish brand recognition in a way that is both eye catching and timeless. Monogram logos provide a sense of classic sophistication that can be used to reinforce the values of any organization. Monograms have become a popular choice for brands ranging from luxury businesses seeking elegance to tech startups looking for modern appeal. Monograms are here to stay, making them the perfect solution for any business that wants to stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression through its logo design.

7. Wordmark Logos

Wordmark Logos, also known as logotypes, are a type of branding that exclusively use words to communicate its message. Wordmarks can be highly effective for businesses as it conveys personality, clarity, and distinctiveness – in an instant. Wordmark Logos are designed to provide the audience with a immediate visual representation of the company or brand that the logo belongs to, allowing companies to connect with their customers from their logo alone. Wordmark Logos create strong first impressions and generally carry more weight than other types of logos, making them invaluable for businesses looking for a powerful way to promote their message.

Example of a Wordmark logo is shown as created for Craiger Custom Design

8. Emblem Logos

Emblem logos are a unique and visually engaging approach to branding. Emblem logos feature prominently around the world and remain a popular way for companies to set themselves apart. Emblem logos often feature strongly identifiable shapes and colors that build recognition, leading to greater customer loyalty and brand awareness. Emblem designs are particularly versatile with their ability to incorporate more intricate elements then other logo designs. Emblem logos offer a professional aesthetic that appeals to many different businesses, making them one of the oldest forms of logos in use today.

9. 3d Logos

3D logos are the latest trend in brand identity. Increasingly, companies are embracing 3D logos to stand out from competitors, cut through the noise of traditional advertising, and create an unforgettable impression that brings a brand to life. 3D logos feature a 3-dimensional volumetric design that captures attention and creates maximum impact in ad campaigns and across digital channels. By employing 3D logos for their branding projects, businesses can ensure their messages are heard above the competition.

Do Business Logos Change Over Time?

Business logos appear to stay the same when done properly as they should shift/adapt overtime but still represent what the brand stands for. Small modifications are incorporated into business logos, a process often referred to as brand optimization. An example could be a business that simplifies its logo design from an intricate design to something more modern and concise. These incremental changes allow business owners to keep up with the ever-changing landscape and stay competitive, improving brand recognition in the process. While business logos continue to evolve over time, the core focus remains on delivering a powerful and thought-provoking message that resonates with target audiences.

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