Construction Marketing & Website Strategy

The Challenge​

Craiger Custom Design is a custom builder located in McHenry County, IL, they have been building custom pergolas, decks, gazebos and custom homescapes for homeowners throughout the Chicagoland area for many years. With hardly any marketing efforts, and the need to promote their business through digital channels they turned to Point of Action Marketing. To achieve this, Point of Action Marketing completed a thorough rebranding audit that led to the redesign of the logo as well as sales and marketing materials.

The Strategy

It was crucial to identify how users perceived the current company name (Craiger Custom Design) and measure how relative responses where to the clients’ services. Once Point of Action Marketing was able to determine customer sentiment, we where able to provide the client with a rebranding strategy for their current business name and prospect business names based on SEO keyword research and user sentiment analysis.

craiger business card

Rebranding Marketing Strategy

Rebuilding a Brand

Rebranding Strategy

With little effort and dollars being spent on their current marketing budget there was a question that was asked, Do we need to rebrand our business? After diligent research and sentimental analysis Point of Action and Craiger Custom Design came to a decision to keep the current company name but to overhaul all graphics and messaging associated with the brand name. A clearer more concise company logo was designed and implemented for the website, sales and marketing materials.

Logo Creation

With the current logo no clearly identifying who or what Craiger Custom Design is or does was a hurdle that needed to be cleared. Point of Action marketing redesigned the logo with this in mind. The new logo features iconography for easy identification of who Craiger Custom Design is. The font and color scheme were selected due to their easy readability and the nails signify strength and stability.

Print Design

Print design is a crucial part of any company’s marketing strategy. As a company that relies heavily on referrals, Craiger Custom Design needed to make sure their print materials were up-to-date and reflected their brand identity. Point of Action Marketing stepped in and designed new business cards, fliers and sales materials that incorporated Craiger Custom Design’s new color palette and logo. Thanks to Point of Action Marketing, Craiger Custom Design is now more visible than ever before.

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